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Creative Writing
"The devil is in the details," a previous employer would say in every staff meeting. And she was right. You and your company have a story to tell and including the right details at the right moment will make your product or service sparkle. Is it a scratchy beard or Brillo-pad whiskers? Did it happen on a dark night or was there a thumbnail moon quivering behind the aspen trees? Whether you need new copy for a brochure, blog, website, press release, garment catalog or social media pitches, I'm here to help.

Editing & Proofreading
When words are not spelled right, when commas are missing, when the apostrophes are possessing everything, it is time to ask for help. Whether you need grammar guidance or developmental editing, I ensure your final version will be clean, organized and correct.

99 marketing ideas on the wall: The ideal choice for a new business needing a marketing plan to take to the bank. Or for an existing business looking for creative ways to increase sales and earn new customers. Let's brainstorm together. 98 marketing ideas on the wall, take one down, pass it around...

Rates vary by project and involvement. Please inquire today. Non-profit rates are available.
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